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Pipe Xpress Inc

Leading PVC Valves, PVC Fittings, and PVC Valves Supplier in West Chester, PA


Pipe Xpress Inc


817 E Washington St
Pennsylvania PA 19380



Pipe Xpress Inc offers high-quality PVC pipe and fittings in West Chester PA. It is fire-resistant and non-corrosive, making it an excellent choice for any industry that needs safe construction products. It can be used in medical industries because it does not fog or flake off when exposed to different chemicals and extreme temperatures. It is also completely waterproof so you don't need to worry about water damage or externally blocking corrosion. Its high pliability make our PVC pipes easy to cut and glue together which makes them the perfect choice for plumbing projects. Pipe Xpress Inc's durable PVC components make it easy to install. All our products undergo extreme pressure testing before they are sent to customers to ensure their safety. We believe that investing in reliable PVC products such as ours can save time, money, and energy with desired safety standards met successfully.


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Pennsylvania ( , lit.‚ÄČ'Penn's forest country'), officially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Dutch: Pennsylvanie), is a state spanning the Mid-Atlantic, Northeastern, Appalachian, and Great Lakes regions of the United States. Pennsylvania borders Delaware to its southeast, Maryland to its south, West Virginia to its southwest, Ohio and the Ohio River to its west, Lake Erie and New York to its north, the Delaware River and New Jersey to its east, and the Canadian province of Ontario to its northwest. Pennsylvania is the fifth-most populous state in the United States, with over 13 million residents as of the 2020 United States census. The state is the 33rd-largest by area and has the ninth-highest population density among all states. The largest metropolitan statistical area (MSA) is the southeastern Delaware Valley, which includes and surrounds Philadelphia, the state's largest and nation's sixth-most populous city.

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