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Cascade Container And Recycling

Revitalize, Reimagine, Recycle: Cascade Container And Recycling – Sustaining Tomorrow, Today.


Cascade Container And Recycling


33619 Ne 102nd Way
Carnation Washington 98014
United States


(206) 388-6690

Cascade Container and Recycling, a forward-thinking and eco-conscious business, is dedicated to providing comprehensive recycling and container solutions. Founded on the principles of sustainability and responsible waste management, Cascade Container and Recycling is committed to helping businesses and communities reduce their environmental footprint.

Our primary focus is on offering top-notch container services, including waste collection, recycling, and disposal. We understand the importance of efficient and eco-friendly waste management, and we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Cascade Container and recycling:

Container Services: We provide a wide range of containers suitable for various types of waste, including general waste, recyclables, and hazardous materials. Our containers are designed for maximum efficiency in waste collection, and transportation.

Recycling Solutions: At Cascade Container and Recycling, we are champions of recycling. We offer comprehensive recycling programs to help our clients divert recyclable materials away from landfills. Our team works closely with businesses and communities to implement effective recycling strategies.

Environmental Stewardship We are proud of our commitment to environmental stewardship. Cascade Container and Recycling is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and minimizing the impact of waste on the planet. We keep up with the latest advances in recycling technology to ensure that our services are aligned with the highest standards of environmental protection.

Customized Solutions We understand that every client has different waste management requirements. Our team collaborates closely with businesses to develop tailored solutions that not only meet regulatory requirements but also contribute to their sustainability goals.

Education and Outreach: Cascade Container and Recycling is not just a service provider; we are educators and advocates for responsible waste management. We actively engage with our clients and the community to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and proper waste disposal.

Innovation: We are committed to innovation in waste management technologies. Our company invests in the newest technologies to improve the efficiency of our service and minimize our environmental impact.

By choosing Cascade Container and Recycling, clients can be confident in partnering with a company that values sustainability, reliability, and environmental responsibility. Together, we can work towards a cleaner, greener future for businesses and communities alike.


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Carnation (Lushootseed: tultxʷ) is a city in King County, Washington, United States. It was historically known as Tolt and lies at the confluence of the Snoqualmie and Tolt rivers. The city is located east of Redmond and south of Duvall on State Route 203. The population was 2,158 at the 2020 census. Prior to American settlement, the area was occupied by a large village of the Snoqualmie.

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