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Miracles Asia

porn addiction help, rehab clinics, inpatient treatment, inpatient drug rehab, detox thailand


Miracles Asia


48/3 Moo1 Soi Nanua, Tambon Paklok
Phuket Amphur Thalang, 83110




For long-lasting recovery, speak with the top rehab in Thailand to get help for your addiction. Luxury Rehabs has confirmed that the Miracles Asia inpatient rehabilitation program has a success rate of over 85%.

The high level of personalization in our programs is what makes them so successful. To us you are not a number, or a returning client. We want your stay with us to be the last rehab program you ever need to attent.

Your addiction treatment will only be provided by people who have been there for you or your loved ones. We understand the struggles and pain that you are going through.

You have the best chance of recovery if you surround yourself with people who have been there, who have changed their lives and now live a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.

You can have up to 15 people in a room at a time. This allows you to take advantage of the therapy and support offered by staff. It is important that you reserve your spot early.

For a confidential, free and no-obligation chat about how to live a life without addiction, please contact our admissions team at +66 637 780 505.




Client Reviews

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jer wen

porn addiction help, rehab clinics, inpatient treatment, inpatient drug rehab, detox thailand

Miracles was my 3rd private rehab center (yeah, repeat offender on the relapsing). 100+ days out of Miracles and I’m confident that it will be my last rehab center. The staff were warm and professional, competent, qualified, and caring. Some things that set Miracles apart from the other private rehabs I attended: 1) Respect: as a client I was treated like a competent adult that was trying to address a problem, not like an addict that was incapable of making life decisions and needed to be told what to do every moment of the day. 2) In-patient programming: the programming is diverse, relevant and engaging. At each of the other rehabs I felt there was ultimately a lack of programming at the level that could be useful to an adult professional with an addiction issue. In other rehabs the focus is on a different type of clientele that may need education and guidance on the very basics of living a healthy life. 3) Authenticity: while the staff at any rehab I have attended have a caring and patient manner, at Miracles I felt the owners and staff actually, truly cared about me. 4) Community. I greatly appreciated the feeling of belonging to the “Miracles family” while there. On outings, the interactions with the staff that accompany us is more one of peers than of supervisor and supervisees. We all share meals at a common dinner table. I should point out that the food was absolutely amazing. Though the meals are eaten together, for most meals you choose your own dishes from a menu that includes both Thai and international food, prepared by a world-class chef. 5) Exit planning and aftercare: this might be the most critical big difference. At Miracles you leave with a solid exit strategy in place. You get a continuing-care supervisor and a comprehensive after-care package where you zoom into sessions. I still join the evening 12-step meetings by zoom once a week. Miracles is a smaller center, so doesn’t have the extensive facilities of the other 2 centers I attended. There is emphasis on 12-step recovery methods, but also includes cognitive behavioral modalities, mindful meditation and some holistic. Physical fitness is provided by 3 weekly scheduled group trips to a nearby large and comprehensive fitness center (all basic facility use included in your Miracles package)

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porn addiction help, rehab clinics, inpatient treatment, inpatient drug rehab, detox thailand

My experience at Miracles Asia has been a tremendously enlightening experience of growth and change, to enable myself to constructively engage in a sober lifestyle in society. It gave me a fantastic approach to my recovery, incorporating the twelve steps, healthy food and exercise while also incorporating a spiritual side to my recovery using meditation and walks in the morning. From the first moment I walked into Miracles Asia I was inundated with care and love from the staff and fellow clients that paved the way for my personal recovery program. Through a diverse program ranging from one to one counselling, group work, meditation, and fitness sessions, I was able to return to my former mental, physical and spiritual self again. It’s very important to be as honest as you can, as four weeks isn’t a long time and I suggest staying longer. However, it is long enough to make some definite changes if a person is committed. You will find the more honest you are and the more you are able to share with your peers the more you will get out of your program. By mixing small group therapy, cognitive therapy and alternative therapies such as mindfulness and positive self-imagery, you get a unique combination of ways to initiate positive change and keep it ongoing after you leave. One the most unique things at Miracles Asia is the number of clients. It helps maintain a more personal and family like atmosphere while in the recovery process. Miracles also provides a calming atmosphere with both nature and positive energy which allows a person time to reflect and really engage in the process of soul searching and recovery. The meals and the lodging itself is more conducive to the atmosphere of a resort then you would think of a rehab center. My time at Miracles Asia is something I will never forget. I can never say thank you enough.

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Joe Bennett

porn addiction help, rehab clinics, inpatient treatment, inpatient drug rehab, detox thailand

Tonight I am celebrating 6 months of life changing sobriety and improved mental health. It’s early in my journey but I believe I can stay the course and I am loving my new life, after multiple previous failures and disastrous relapses how you might ask, I found Miracles, I found a group of people who are dedicated to my recovery, a group that have experienced my problems and a group that care. At Miracles I was educated and schooled on myself, I was given the right tools to live a better life and to be a better person and I was prepared like a champion athlete to re enter life. Miracles saved my life plain and simple. It’s now my job not to let them down. I have wanted to post this review for some time but I also wanted some time in my recovery before I made this recommendation to total strangers. If you’re not well do yourself a life changing moment and ring Mark, Yours sincerely Joe Bennett

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